Vintage Art in the Home

The beauty of buying vintage art is that it lends itself to interesting and informal placement around the home. Vintage oil paintings, prints and lithographs are there to be seen, moved around and enjoyed! Unlike a piece of expensive fine art, affordable vintage artworks don't come with the worry of finding the 'correct' way of displaying them or worrying excessively that they might get damaged and be costly to repair.

This means that we can be creative when it comes to displaying vintage artworks around the home, using prints and paintings in rooms and spaces in ways we might not have considered before. Here are some of my favourite examples of how interior designers use vintage pictures in the home in a way that anybody can be inspired by, whatever their budget.


I love the idea of displaying a piece of vintage artwork above the kitchen sink, giving you something beautiful to look at whilst doing the washing up. It turns what is a functional space in to something interesting and creates a real talking point in a room.

Credit: Instagram @jerseyicecreamco

Consider propping up a piece of art on the kitchen counter. The vintage paintings in this picture have been cleverly chosen to complement the tones in the paintwork -

Credit: Instagram @edit.58

I love the use of artwork here above the kitchen door, mirroring the colour of the sink backsplash and the chequerboard floor - tying the whole space together, from the top to the bottom of the room:


Displaying artworks on a door is a great way to use what is essentially a blank canvas. Using it as a space to show off sets of prints or similar drawings is particularly inspired and creates a pleasing sense of symmetry. A set of food-related vintage prints would work well in a kitchen, or a trio of nude figure studies would be perfect for a bathroom door.

Credit: Instagram @frankdebiasi

Vintage oil paintings can be used to ground a light-coloured kitchen scheme and help bring depth and contrast to an interior space. Consider still-life paintings of pots, jugs and food to elevate any kitchen and add character and charm.


Using unframed oil paintings means they can be moved around easily - I love the idea of a collection of similarly-toned artworks displayed propped up on a mantelpiece.


Vintage art is perfect for displaying in a bathroom. This is a vintage French oil painting from Curatorio, in the wonderful home of Holly of online antique store Hambledon Home. I had this piece framed in a vintage-style frame made of resin with Plexiglass glazing, which will help to protect it from the dampness of the bathroom.

Credit: Instagram @hambledonhome

Another option in the bathroom is to use an unframed painting propped up on a shelf. Displaying vintage art this way makes it a real focal point in a room.

Credit: Instagram @jerseyicecreamco

Hopefully these examples show how a unique piece of vintage art can transform a space and add character and history to any room in your home. Head over to the Curatorio shop to see our current selection of affordable vintage artworks, take a look at our archive of sold paintings and follow us on Instagram for more inspiration.